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Michael Kaplan was born in New Jersey. He is the third of three children and the first son of Joseph and Martha Kaplan. He opted to attend the University of Missouri where he graduated with a Degree in Political Science. Then he went to Grad School at St. Louis University Masters Program in Urban Planning. He had a fascination for maps and trying to come up with land developments that worked. He wanted to build cities at the time, but his interest in law led him to further his education at Oklahoma City University where he studied law and received his JD Degree in 1975.

Kaplan started his practice of Law in Las Vegas, Nevada over three decades ago; he is currently licensed to practice law in Nevada, California, Hawaii, and Missouri. Kaplan served the State of Nevada in the late 1970’s as Deputy Attorney General representing various divisions in the state of Nevada such as motor vehicles, Highway Patrol and he did some work for the Nevada Real estate division; the latter proved to be inspiring and would lead him to the development of Hotel and Resorts and the conversions to Vacation Ownership properties.

At a time when timeshare was a fairly new industry, Kaplan worked with the State of Hawaii in establishing rules and regulations covering timeshare. He was responsible for the first timeshare registration with the State of Hawaii, as well as successfully lobbying to enact several laws to protect timeshare consumers. He has been a licensed pilot for 20 years. He enjoys flying.

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