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The Kaplan Group specializes in targeting direct response media campaigns with non-traditional promotions and advertisement via radio and television. The company uses direct response and driving leads thru unconventional sources using cross platform media events, which allows the company to customize solutions for business needs. TKG brings Hollywood to the businesses arena by incorporating top celebrity talent into promotional spots and connecting a unique relationship between companies and well-known entertainers.


In 2003 Congress enacted the Do Not Call List, which simply prohibited telemarketing from calling people’s homes. Thanks to Kaplan’s background in law, he was able to plan for the future. He developed a revolutionary new marketing plan where consumers would “call him, instead of him calling them.”

Consolidated Media was formed. To test Kaplan’s theory of “reverse telemarketing”, the company started buying substantial time on major radio stations. Consolidated Media made substantial inroads to top celebrity spokespersons including; David Faustino, Tanya Roberts, Bernie Kopell, Roseanne Barr, George Wallace, Dawn Wells, Joan Rivers, Barry Williams, and Buzz Aldrin. William Shatner also climbed on board; he promoted his new book and invited people to a book signing in the Lobby of the Tahiti Village, which cross-promoted Kaplan’s resort.

Event Cross Promotions

In 2006 Consolidated Media was contracted to promote a film starring Chevy Chase, Penelope Ann Miller and Armand Assante called “Funny Money”. The cross promotion was enormously successful. The premier party was produced and sponsored by Tahiti Village, which was an extremely large advertiser on Clear Channel Radio, CBS Radio, Premier Radio, and Westwood One. Consolidated Media was doing millions of dollars a year in radio ads.

The same promotion was used for the 2008 film called “Deal” with Brett Harrison, Burt Reynolds and Shannon Elizabeth. The actors went on the radio and they promoted their movie with an invitation to Las Vegas or Orlando, depending on the location of the radio spot. The film received millions in promotional dollars that they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Exclusive Radio Contracts

Kaplan was able to negotiate an almost unheard of contract insuring category exclusivity with media giants Clear Channel Radio, CBS Radio, Premier Radio and Westwood One. The conglomerates agreed to give Consolidated Media exclusive long-term agreements, which granted them nationwide radio exclusivity in their category. With an exclusive, Kaplan could lock in that they would do these advertisements for many years to come. They had a great track record with no listener complaints and the radio stations felt the company was doing an excellent job of taking care of their listeners. An agreement was reached after a great deal of negotiations and was a great revenue source and ensured the programs success without outside competition.

Kaplan Group

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